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We value your Privacy

Privacy Policy


Athena Jane Churchill is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the General Data Protection Act 2018.

Our policy applies when we act as a controller of personal data, where we process any personal data relating to our existing and prospective customers or interested parties.

Athena Jane Churchill will be known as the “Data Controller” of the personal data that you provide to us.

Athena Jane Churchill, as the “Data Controller”, will determine the way in which personal data is processed.

We will process your contact details for the purposes of communication with you and products or services provided by us.

This will help satisfy agreed requirements and the regulations pertaining to maintaining our records.

The legal basis for this processing is that it is necessary to help achieve our joint interest, namely the supply of goods and services.

We will retain all personal data collected from yourself no more than 5 years after you have expressed or purchased any goods or services.

We won’t share your personal data with any other body without your prior permission unless it is reasonably necessary for the further supply goods and services.

All our customer data processing is inhouse, however we do use Google and Microsoft for some of our administration.   

As you’re providing us with your personal data, it is important that you’re aware of the following rights that you have in relation to our processing of that personal data.

1. You can be provided with a copy of any personal data concerning you that we process, unless that would affect rights and freedoms of others.

2. You can be provided with information on how that personal data is processed by us.

3. You can have us rectify any personal data of yours that we hold that is inaccurate or incomplete.

4. You can ask us to erase or restrict the use of any of your personal data that we process.

5. You can object at any time to our processing of your personal data on grounds related to your particular situation.

6. We will sometimes use your personal data to inform you of exhibitions or events related to our work and in this case, it may be processed by carefully chosen 3rd parties, such as galleries.

You can exercise any of the rights listed above by contacting us at Jane Churchill <>

If you’re however unhappy with any other or further aspects of how we process your personal data, you can lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Our “Privacy Policy” was last updated 6th September 2018

(future updates will be published on this website.)

Athena Jane Churchill

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