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Theatre Design

Athena Jane’s art has developed, from her background in theatre set design, to encompass making all sorts of imaginary worlds, some tiny to peer into, some big enough to step inside and become immersed in a journey. 

With years of experience in drawing, theatre, sculpture, painting, making, exhibition curation, gallery programming, mosaics, museum work, scenic painting, costume and making her work incorporates all these disciplines as she

works across them all and loves it!

Jungle Book Set Design
Christmas Carol set
White Poppies set
Set and costume youth theatre
Scenic painting
Last Resort set
Last Resort set pics
Last Resort set
Library transformation
Costume 1t
Costume 2t

Imaginary Worlds

Beyond The Trees
Eyelife Tunbridge Wells Council
Journey Home Into the Woods
Ladder to the moon
Eyelife 2010
Travels with Bremner
Detail from Archive of Dreams
It all seemed much bigger
And the doors to the eternal
Corvus Corax Munnin
Imaginary worlds
Paper bodice
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