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Animal Portraiture

Athena Jane first began drawing horses as a small child. She has always loved horses and animals and wanted to be able to draw a horse so lifelike that it would look as if it could step off the page and become real. That early fascination with both horses and drawing has never left her.


Now with over twenty years experience as an artist, she has been commissioned to draw many portraits of horses and animals of all kinds. From prize winning show ponies, dressage horses, eventers, showjumpers to beloved field kept furry native ponies, Jane has had the pleasure of meeting and drawing them all. She has created portraits of much loved family cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas and even one very memorable goat. She loves to hear their stories; some of rescue, some of how pets chose their owners in strange circumstances and all of them stories of how much pets share our lives. 


Often Athena Jane is commissioned for a portrait of a beloved and recently lost pet and understands it can be a very comforting thing to remember the special bond with an animal through a portrait. She is also used to working to deadlines in creating memorable portraits as gifts for special events.


Portraits are crafted with fine graphite pencil to capture your animal's spirit on the page in exquisite hairline detail. It is also possible for Athena Jane to create an artwork immortalising two or even more animals in one piece, just talk to her about what you would like.


She will work from your favourite photographs to ensure that she captures the expression you most like. Please remember she can only draw what is visible in the photograph. Photos need to be clear, of good resolution, and in good light. the image needs to be of your pet in a pose and expression that you like. She can be commissioned to visit and take photos for you, if you are not too far away from her, (South East England) at an additional charge.


Please allow three weeks between ordering and the date when you need your portrait to be ready, especially if it is a gift. It takes many hours to draw a portrait and capture the character, likeness and spirit of your animal on the page.

Please enjoy a few of Athena Jane's completed portrait commissions below.

Visit the shop to place an order for your own animal portrait.

And please do get in touch if you have any queries.

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