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Echoes across 

the Century


Museum of Military Medicine, Keogh Barracks, Mytchett GU12 5RQ

27 September 2018 to 28 June 2019

Working in partnership with New Ventures Trust and the Museum of Military Medicine, Jane has put together an exhibition relating to the role of medicine in World War 1.

Artwork was drawn from the Echoes Across the Centuryexhibition seen at the Guildhall Art Gallery in 2017 – described by one reviewer as, “essential viewing … heart wrenching, moving, powerful and beautiful”.


Work with a link to medicine has been selected to act as an introduction to the Museum of Military Medicine’s exhibition on ‘Medicine and Innovation in Conflict: The Army Medical Services in World War One’.

Commenting on the installation:

“It is particularly good to be exhibiting at the Museum of Military Medicine, one of our heritage partners for the ‘Echoes Across the Century’ show. The children and I gained so much inspiration from our visit to the museum. Stories, such as the WW1 ambulance driver who earned a Victoria Cross, truly resonated with the children and me, allowing us to get under the skin of WW1.


“My work allows visitors to step into other worlds – sense the experience of being on the Front during WW1. For this installation, I have created a hand-painted set inspired by the textures, feelings and imagery of the trenches, creating an immersive introduction for people visiting the ‘Medicine and Innovation in Conflict: The Army Medical Services in World War One’ exhibition.


In addition to this bespoke, curated installation, the museum is facilitating workshops for teachers and students to help them understand the heritage of the story of medicine from WW1.


The exhibition runs until 28 June 2019, the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which formally ended the First World War.

Athena Jane Churchill creates installations and imaginary worlds, weaving together strands of her work in theatre set design, visual art installation, making and curating. Her work invites viewers to step into a world between the real and the imagined and journey within. Inspired by and exploring the relationship between museum collection, archive and created artefacts, her work reflects her fascination
with traces of memory in heritage objects, myths and ancient devotional sites.

To read a review of the

‘Echoes Across the Century’

exhibit , just follow the link!

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