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Mnemosyne was the name of the Goddess of Memory in the Greek Pantheon. She was one of the most important Goddesses of Ancient Greece, for everything relied on Memory. Now she is largely forgotten and mostly remembered now as Mother of the Nine Muses- the Arts. the idea of a Goddess of Memory who the world forgot was fascinating to me and she became the starting point of installations based upon the idea of journeying to Oracles and asking questions. Fragments and traces of memories remain across time in objects and places, faces and in the stream of life. 

This artist's Gicleé print on Canson Aquarelle Ragg paper printed in archival inks is my dream of Mnemosyne. Prints come mounted onto card packaged for you to give as a gift or get framed as you wish.


Print is available in the following size:  

Mini:  10cm x 12.5cm print (7cm x 9.2cm)

Mnemosyne The Goddess of Memory

SKU: GP-0001
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