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Once in a land far away there lived a Prince in a Red Castle. He lived a life of riches and harmony...but for one thing. Even though he was loved by his people, he had grown up without a true friend to share in his life's adventures.

One day he was out riding though the palace grounds on his horse, when he heard the most beautiful singing. It captivated the Prince.

"You have brought me such happiness," said the Prince to the bird, "Would you consider accompanying me?" and the bird sang its tuneful reply, hopping upon his shoulder. The bird and the Prince became inseparable. The Prince told the bird everything he thought and felt. And the bird listened with its head on one side. Then the bird sang all its hopes and dreams to the Prince, who listened enraptured by its musical song. The two of them were forever more seen togther....and the Prince found that his wishes were answered by a little red songbird.


This exquisite, jewelled bird sculpture was created by Athena Jane using vintage and modern glass and acrylic beads, gems and glass crystals, including recycled and upcycled jewellery from the artist's collection along with handmade Florentine paper and gold metal leaf. Layers of work went into making this tiny bird, as Jane first sculpted an under structure using Epoxy resin and wire and then gradually added layers of handmade papers, glazes and paint to create an aged feel to the work. Gemstones, beads, upcycled jewellery and tiny glass crystals are hand-picked for each bird and applied painstakingly over many hours. Finally Gold metal leaf is added, clinging to traces and painted over for a detailed weathered effect.


Athena Jane began her collection of birds inspired by the opulence of Venice and the traces of history and rich colours she discovered as she walked among the canals and beauty of the city. During Lockdown 2020 Jane continued to create- as the world entered a period of restriction, she made hundreds of sparkling birds, the absolute symbol of freedom- sparkling and joyful. This completely unique artwork is ready to start a new life with you and symbolises friendship, connection and hope.



Length - beak to tail approx 16cm

Height - claw to top of head approx 13cm

The Red Prince's Bird

SKU: SB-0007
  • UK Delivery - Free

    International Courier - £50

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