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This very rare, richly jewelled bird sculpture, with deep red and diamond crystal jewelled wings and tail was created by Athena Jane in response to inspiration from The Natural History Museum in was so elusive, she couldn't find one there... so she made one of her own! Using vintage and modern glass and acrylic beads, gems and glass crystals, including recycled and upcycled jewellery from her collections, along with handmade Italian paper and gold metal leaf.


Layers of work went into making this little bird, as Jane first sculpted a structure underneath using Epoxy resin and wire and then gradually added layers of jewels and beads, tiny glass crystals handmade papers, glazes and paint to create an aged feel to the work over many hours. Finally gold metal leaf was added, clinging to traces and painted over for a detailed weathered effect. This elusive extravagent bird is a completely unique, with each artwork taking 6-8 hours to create.


Athena Jane began her collection of birds inspired by both Natural History Collections and the opulence of Venice; the traces of history and rich colours she discovered as she walked among the canals and beauty of the city. She has made hundreds of sparkling birds, the absolute symbol of freedom - vibrant, colourful, and joyful. Many have been exhibited in trails through Museum Collections. 

This beautiful bright little bird sculpture is ready to wing its way to you.



Length - beak to tail approx 15cm

Height - claw to top of head approx 13cm

The Elusive Sparkling Strawberry Finch

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