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One for Courage


This jaunty little bird brings a message of courage over adversity. When he was a fledgling in the studio, whilst being made, he fell from the nest and became impaled. Look carefully and you’ll find the scar still visible. But he did not let it hold him back. Instead, he grew through his injury and now stands here before you, sparkling, joyful and ready for a new life of possibility. His message is one of hope when in a dark place and to take heart for all things can and do change. You can grow your wings through difficulties and return even stronger than before.


This little bird was created over many hours, using jewels and parts from more than one vintage necklace from the artist’s collection. As well as vintage and modern glass and acrylic beads, glass crystals, wire, gold metal leaf. He is a completely unique sculpture.


He can’t wait to flap his way to freedom with you!



Length - beak to tail 16cm

Height - claw to top of head 13cm

One For Courage

SKU: SB-0003
  • UK Delivery - Free

    International Courier - £50

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